Remote system administration service

About Servers Hill company


Our team has been successfully working in the field of Internet technology in Ukraine since 1995. All this while, we are constantly improving our skills in the field of system administration of Linux/Unix systems, and in coding a wide range of software.
In 2017, we established ServersHill and entered the international market. You can find the Company registration information here.
Currently, our customers receive a full package of services regardless of their location. They include companies from the UK, the USA, Slovenia, Australia and Ukraine.

Custom-Tailored Approach

Our team does not have an established algorithm for solving certain problems. On the contrary, we try to take into account any wishes of our customers in the solving process. For example, if a customer wants to use alternative software for his services, we will be happy to prepare it for operation.
As for the work rules, the elimination of emergency situations (equipment problems, system or basic software failures, as well as various types of attacks) has the highest priority. First, the source of a problem is eliminated whereafter complete recovery of the resource normal operation is achieved. Short term of the response time is guaranteed by availability of automatic monitoring 24x7.
If the task is not urgent, then the lack of service interruption will be as a priority in its solution. We will try our best to ensure that the work on updating, reinstalling or configuring the software does not affect your business.
In all other matters, we will be always happy to listen to your opinion. In case you have your own action plan, we will review it and perform all the necessary work based on your plan.
We will be also happy to support your business in case of any other emergencies. For example, if your system administrator is temporarily unavailable, we will be able to maintain the smooth operation of all your services during this period.

All consultations at the planning stage are absolutely free. Just write us an email at or fill out the contact form.

Full Management

We are pleased to offer our customers a full range of services to ensure the smooth operation of the IT component of their business. You can no longer care about the technical part of the process. Just entrust this to ServersHill. We can always assist you in almost any technical matter, be it recommendations to protect your information from unauthorized access or data security itself using multi-level protocols (firewall, managing access rights to data using services and applications). We can also study the technical condition of your resources comprehensively and recommend sufficient equipment to handle various kinds and amounts of external queries. ServersHill offers assistance in renting or buying equipment, taking into account the value for money factor, and the challenges facing the customer. In addition, we will be happy to install the optimal software and assist in migration of your resources to a new platform. In most cases, migration is possible without interrupting the service, or with minimum interruption. If interruption of the service is nevertheless inevitable, then we will be able to arrange the work on data migration at the most convenient time for you (at night, on holidays, on weekends).

Dependable System

After the migration of your resource to the ServersHill equipment, uninterrupted operation will be ensured by a system of appropriate tools:
If you hesitate, you can always contact our support team for a free consultation by filling out the contact form or write us an email at Your question will be considered and resolved as soon as possible, within one business day.