Remote system administration service


ServersHill supports our customers resources in two fundamentally different ways.

1. Upon the customer request

In this case, we coordinate all organizational aspects of any type of work with the customer. The customer may specify the time window for the work to be performed, the desired result in a nuanced way. Our experts will preliminarily calculate the time required with a maximum error of 10%, and also provide a preliminary report on any negative consequences in the process and possible negative consequences after the work. For example, if the customer’s request is to switch from stable versions of one or the other software to unstable, the Company undertakes to notify the customer thereof.

2. In automatic mode

If the customer purchases the “Monthly” package and is not interested in the technical part of the issue, but only in the result thereof, we can perform all scheduled and urgent work in a fully automatic mode. The result in this case is guaranteed by availability of a round-the-clock monitoring system and a security audit system. The first will inform us if the client’s resource is affected by an emergency (sudden increase in server load, critical state of disk resources, failure of any controlled service, incorrect operation of the controlled service, etc.). The second system will warn our specialists about the need for routine maintenance of your resource (in the event of critical insecurity, our specialists will be notified of the availability of software updates).