Remote system administration service

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is the most successful solution for online business. Physically, it is a computer with server hardware. This hardware is characterized by maximum suitability for the use 24x7. Such equipment can maintain your services without interruption for many years. Even after this period, all that can act as service interruption is a scheduled server reboot so that critical updates of some software take effect. The scheduled reboot can be done itself at any time convenient for the customer: late at night, on a holiday, the day after Christmas or at any other time agreed upon.
This solution is also the best in terms of the security of your data. The main advantage is that the system administrator has full access to the server, which, in turn, allows him to control all areas of administration completely: from providing the multi-level algorithms to prevent external negative impacts (countering various attacks, preventing inappropriate traffic, optimal prioritization of external requests) to complete control over the configuration of all services (tuning of work services aimed both at the speed of servicing the requests, and ensuring the data integrity).
Significantly that in the case of a dedicated server, software updates can be performed within the shortest possible time, while in case of alternative solutions (VPS, virtual hosting, cloud hosting), administrators of host servers have to wait for the most convenient time window for all customers very often. However, in some cases, untimely critical updates can lead to hacking of all accounts located on the host server.
We do not provide VPS and cloud hosting services. However, if your resource has been already working within these solutions, and you need the help of an experienced system administrator, we will certainly try to help you. To do this, you just need to write a mail describing the problem to or fill out the contact form.
If you are looking for another solution, we are ready to offer you virtual hosting based on ServersHill servers.