Remote system administration service

Virtual hosting

Virtual hosting is a service that allows us to host your resource (website) on ServersHill servers for a relatively low fee. At the same time, our customers who use this service may not have to worry about the technical part of their resource: any necessary steps to configure, update, back up and restore data (if necessary) will be carried out by our specialists after receiving a request at
Our Company provides full management of your resource. Such approach eliminates the possibility of erroneous actions on the customer’s part (accidental deletion of data, incorrect configuration of the service, etc.), significantly increases the security of company servers, reduces the load on hardware resources, and also allows monitoring the resources of all our customers in real time.
The minimum term for a virtual hosting service contract is 1 year. If necessary, our experts will help you to migrate your resource (website) from the servers of any hosting provider. In some cases, migration may be free of charge.