Remote system administration service

How does it work

ServersHill is pleased to say that work with our customers can be arranged in any form convenient for you.
If you are a new customer, and you need to solve any problem with server hardware or software, then to speed up the process, we recommend you to send a message to or fill out a free consultation form. Our experts will be automatically notified of a new request, and it will be forwarded to processing immediately. After processing, you will be offered options for solving the problem, taking into account the maximum time and cost savings. For example, if the problem is one-time and it will take 1 hour for our Technical Department to solve it, then you will be billed for 1 hour. After we receive a payment and access to your server, our specialists will immediately begin working. You will receive an email with the report when they finish. If you confirm that the problem is eliminated, then in the event of a one-time operation, the access data to your server will be immediately deleted.
If you are a new customer, and your problem is URGENT, we cannot expect payment, but proceed to resolve the problem immediately. Financial issues can always be postponed in favour of the maximum quick resolution of technical problems.
If you want to receive our services on an ongoing basis, including monitoring of your systems, automatic data backup, and the required routine maintenance, then the best solution is to choose a service plan based on a monthly contract. In this case, we will not waste time discussing the details, and if necessary, we will immediately proceed to resolve the problems. In the case of long-term cooperation, we will have to store data for administrative access to your resources. However, they will be stored in separately. As the simplest example: we store the resource identifier and its IP address in electronic form in a secure repository, and the resource identifier, access login and password in a hard copy. In this case, each of these parts is useless in itself. To gain access to your resource, an attacker will have to hack into our secure repository, as well as gain access to documents in our office. In practice, this is not possible.
We can enter into a long-term cooperation agreement with our loyal customers. This will help to avoid any controversial issues and additionally regulate any actions at the customer’s request. A standard version of the agreement can be found here.
More information about the existing service plans can be found here.
If you feel the need for professional maintenance of your server, but are not sure of the correct choice of a service plan, please write us an email at or fill out a free consultation form. We will be happy to help you!