Remote system administration service

Linux Install

As defined, the initial installation of the operating system requires the attendance of a system administrator in person: since it involves booting from external media and setting up the network equipment before which the server is offline. However, in some cases, it is possible to install the system remotely. For example, most modern hosting providers that provide the dedicated server service also provide access to the system installation interface. Usually, this interface is quite simple and does not require any special technical knowledge from the user. However, most often it is precisely at the stage of installing the operating system that users make critical errors, which cannot be fixed subsequently without a complete reinstall of the system. The most common errors during the initial installation are as follows:
Any of these errors can lead to unstable operation of the equipment or, in critical cases, to the event when your system will not be able to boot at all.
If you have chosen the Linux operating system for your resource, but the process of remote installation of the system is not clear to you, or you are not sure whether you can install the system in such a way as to ensure maximum performance and stability, please entrut the installation process to ServerHill specialists. We will save your time and do our best to make your hardware resources work as efficiently as possible.
In addition to installation of the operating system, ServersHill specialists will always help you if you need a remote system recovery after a failure. For example, if your provider allows you to use the remote system recovery mode, but you don’t know how it works, just leave it with us. The experience of our specialists will significantly reduce the downtime of your equipment.