Remote system administration service


The custom service of may be required by customers who know what product they want to receive as a result of the work, but do not know anything of the technical part of the issue. In this case, ServersHill specialists can create an appropriate project for you. If the working time is approximately a few hours only, the Company will simply inform you of the possibility of the project and issue an invoice for the required number of hours. If the project is of a more global scale, then a preliminary list of all required actions will be compiled. After approval, you will receive an invoice for the number of hours agreed upon. Our specialists implement the project as soon as possible after you paying the invoice.
It is not possible to list all the possible types of work that can be performed by our experts in the field of installation, configuration, support or programming of the Linux operating systems. Therefore, if you want to use our services, write to us at or fill out the contact form.